Bienvenue en France

I’m parked up with a fantastic view, lit up at night with what looks like a string of xmas decs but is in fact a line of about 20 wind turbines in the distance their red lights flashing as the sails go round. Fab end to a great first day.

Arrived at Ashford in my usual obsessively early way 2 hours before what, sailing, training, tunnelling? Anyway the vehicle recognition system machine asked me if I’d like to travel early at no extra cost and so ½ hour later we were starting our descent under the channel (Daisy snuggled up as close as she could get, I think it was the strange noises and unusual motion) ½ hour after entering the tunnel and we were up again … photo at disembarkation

Le Shuttle

and I was the one wriggling with excitement driving down the A26 to Arras.

Had my usual good luck with the campsite, very rural and quiet with a nice (muddy) farm road for dog walks, owners very friendly and welcoming.

Hello France – it’s good to be back.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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