10/10 for organisation and boo-boos.

Wednesday I bought the requisite road atlas for the area I’m visiting, the fact that it also covers the rest of Europe is a bonus! Then I sat down with the tour guide, the ACSI guide and the atlas and worked out the first few days itinerary. Email sent to the first campsite, I then waited anxiously to see if the owners had understood my French – they had! Reply by return to say I’m expected, t’was only then that I realised I’d given them the wrong arrival time – forgot the hour’s difference. I’ve emailed again apologising and given them the new ETA – least I hope that’s what I said! I refuse to use google translate as I’ll never learn, so it’s work out what I think is right and then check with the dictionary. (I’m sure Patricia and Frédéric are having a good laugh)

This morning I switched on the fridge and went to stock up at the supermarket. Usually I don’t bother and shop locally wherever I’m going but as I’m on a tight schedule this trip (got to be back for the first day of term as the Smart One has an inset day and his mother doesn’t) and I don’t want to be spending time shopping – except for fresh veg, bread and wine! Back in R0X1 I divvied up the meat into individual portions for the freezer. It was then I discovered I appear to have left a bag of frozen veg in the freezer whilst it’s been switched off and the smell hit me as soon as I opened the freezer door. Daisy breathed in, yelped and demanded to go outside immediately, I decided to join her! I sorted it out after a fortifying cup of coffee and smearing Vick’s menthol round my nose, as the detectives do on discovery of a badly decomposed body in the crime novels I avidly read. I felt those readers of a more delicate disposition might prefer not to have a photograph of the inside of the freezer at this point, consider yourselves all spared …

There, that’s a better smell!

I’ve checked the weather forecast and it’s not too bad …

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “10/10 for organisation and boo-boos.

  1. Hi nothing worse than something gone orrf, funnily enough I fancied some spaggetti last night got tin out found date to use by, was 2010 oooops. Have a nice trip, Mike

  2. Nope don’t mind a few months but not 7 years??? dunno what additives they use, Don’t trust food manufactors or politicions, ohh dear i’m becoming a grumpy old man ha ha Mike

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