Gearing up …

for the first foreign mini-tour of the year.

Well that is, I’ve identified the need for;

a) a road map of the Benelux area,

b) a printout of the shuttle ticket, and

c) sufficient diesel to get us to the other side and cheaper prices.

I am, surprisingly (see 1st para. of blog “Did I forget to mention?” 3/3/15), not missing any vital documents – apart from the aforementioned printout. I shall delay the purchase of diesel, LPG and a new CalorGas bottle until the trade winds die down a little, R0X1 has been rocking away for quite a few hours now. If this gale continues I shall be even better pleased that we’re letting the train take the strain on Saturday.

Saw most of my nearest and dearest last week. Wednesday there was a tap at R0X1’s door and there stood BB demanding coffee in the way only Big Bruvvas can! He’d been to his REME reunion at Arborfield, unfortunately had to get the hire car back and couldn’t stop but it was good to have a hug.

Thursday J, B and Millie arrived and we spent a couple of quality time days together. I do love having my brood all together, as usual the dogs exhausted themselves playing.

See you on the other side …

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “Gearing up …

  1. I am getting excited for you here, specially as you have a map 🙂 lovely photos there as always too x

    1. Thanks Sandra. I’m a little worried how my claustrophobia will cope with the tunnel – Daisy will be getting plenty of attention to keep my mind off it 😱

      1. we have never done the tunnel, I am sure its fine though as you say Daisy will keep you occupied x

    1. The “bins” look quite big – well they have to be to get bigger stuff than R0X1 in – so I’m sure I’ll be OK. It’s only for ½ an hour 😏

  2. Hi I was uneasy my first time through the tunnel as it was all new to me, No problems, staff were helpful , all went smoothly, afore I realised it we were on our way, You don’t feel hemmed in, I enjoyed going through, Another adventure in life, and Crossed of my bucket list Mike

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