Pillow talk extra


Yes Daisy.

Why did I have to have a haircut today?

Well your fur had got a bit long and straggly and looked very untidy. It was also getting very dirty underneath when we’re out walking.

Oh …

Plus it’s polite to get spruced up a bit when you’re going to be meeting new people.

Who are we going to be meeting?

I have no idea. But next week end we’re going on a longer trip and we’re bound to be meeting new people.

Is this the one where you drive R0X1 into the train and we go through the big tunnel under the sea and I have to have my passport, and we visit other countries and have to walk on the other side of the road?

Sure is.

I’m excited about this one.

Me too, Daisy, me too.

So do I look pretty enough to be polite?

You look absolutely gorgeous and feel like silk.



Mummy can I snuggle?

Yes Daisy, but no …

licking …

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pillow talk extra

  1. We have met quite a few women travelling alone and with that wonderful bundle of fluff I’m sure you will soon get talking to everyone. Have a fantastic time and keep blogging.

    1. She’s already increased the time it takes to get anywhere as people are always stopping to admire. With the election campaigning ramping up I’m expecting politicians to beg to kiss her!!!

      1. Hi Perhaps it’s good job Daisy has had a haircut, we would’nt want any politicians kissing the wrong end. Ha Ha Enjoy your holiday i’m looking forward to some pics etc. mike

        1. I’d love it if they kissed the wrong end – very suitable given the s***e they all talk – p’raps I’ll get all her hair stuck back on 😉

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