Seven more sleeps …

until Wales and I’m getting excited, think I must be totally addicted to this peripatetic lifestyle. Well that and I haven’t seen my best friend for months 😢

It won’t be utterly fandabbydozy tho’ until the water situation is sorted. I have a leak on the freshwater tank, dealer thinks that it’s the drain plug causing the problem. It’s certainly very difficult to get it to close properly (and I don’t understand how it dislodged itself in the first place). It’s a rubbish design – you can’t get both arms through the 8″ opening in the top of the tank down into the corner to both press down hard on the plug and push the handle through 90˚ at the same time, and it’s well nigh impossible single handed, especially if, like me, part of that hand is missing.

I thought I had it sorted last weekend, refilled the tank and six hours later still no leak – woo hoo! The next morning however I turned on the tap … 😡 … no water. Phoned the dealer who said if he didn’t have one in stock he’d have to order one from Adria, I’ve heard nothing from him so I phoned again this morning and left a message suggesting that as I’m away next week it might be an idea if they give me a plug from one of the display vans. We’ll see if I get a timely reply to that message, but I’m becoming less and less impressed with him.

Here are my blips from this week;

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “Seven more sleeps …

    1. Near Newbridge-on-Wye. My best friend & hubby are small holding sitting for friends of theirs for a couple of weeks and I’m going, with permission, for a long weekend, tho’ I draw the line at mucking out anything!!!

        1. I love north Wales. We lived in Staffordshire when my husband was alive and we used to do day trips to N. Wales – one January Sunday morning he insisted we pack a picnic lunch and take the kids to see how deep the snow was in Llanberis pass. It wasn’t very deep, it was very cold and the kids had the best fun!!

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