Pillow talk plus


Yes Daisy.

I really like it when you take the lead off and I can run.

I really like watching you run Daisy, with your ears flapping around as you go and a huge grin on your face.

I run fast don’t I?

Sure do.

Why do you let me run off the lead now? You never used to.

It’s because you’re so good at recall and come back when I call you. I’m really proud of you, you’re learning fast and you’re doing it all just because you like to please and get fuss not because I give you treats.

If I stay being good will you not take me back to the vet for another operation?

I hope you never need another one Daisy. But going to the vet is nothing to do with being bad or good, just something that is sometimes necessary.

Mmmph …


Mummy, can I snuggle?

Of course Daisy bella. But no licking …


I said NO licking.

Sorry Mummy, I didn’t mean to … it just sort of happened.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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