Did I forget to mention?

You may well have noticed that one of my hobbies is losing stuff. Thankfully, mostly it turns up eventually, usually when I’m looking for something else (and I still have high hopes for my purse). I’m very grateful that yesterday whilst I was rooting round on K’s overloaded desk for the printer cable it was the turn of my passport. What it was doing on her desk neither of us has any idea, let alone how it got buried.

I was having to print an appeal letter plus photographic proof for the DVLA as they are trying to fine me for not having insurance for the scooter. This would be the scooter that has never been out of my garden, has only 1.1 kms delivery milage on the clock, was SORNed, and insurance cancelled when I discovered the garage door measurement is smaller than the internal garage measurement and that I can’t get the scooter through the door into the space that it would amply fit into … definitely a double moment … blonde and senior!

Not on the road

I digress.

I am extremely pleased as, having found the aforementioned passport, the trip to Belgium and the Netherlands can take place in April. (I was beginning to mull over UK alternatives.) So this morning I have booked my first trip through the Eurotunnel. I’ve always said that I wouldn’t ever use it after seeing a video of it emerging from the tunnel with the windscreen wipers going – it leaks? I am accepting BB’s explanation about pressure etc., but if I drown I’ll kill him.

In the meantime, the world is beginning to look a bit more colourful – Spring!

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Did I forget to mention?

    1. We’ve had the tunnel for just over 20 years now. It takes 30 minutes on the shuttle (which carries freight and passenger vehicles between Folkestone and Calais). The alternative is to use a cross channel ferry (cheaper) goes between Dover and Calais and takes 1½ hours, also freight and passenger vehicles and foot passengers. I’ve always enjoyed using the ferry as it makes you realise you’re leaving the country but the problem if you have an animal with you, is that the animal must be left in the vehicle in the very hot and noisy below decks and you can’t stay with it. Hence me now using the train – I can stay in the van with Daisy who probably won’t even notice.
      There is a separate passenger train service which uses the same tunnels but goes from London to Paris. I’ll take some shots for a blog when I go.

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