Not a happy puppy.

Today both of us maybe catching up on sleep. Poor Daisy has had a rough post operative period. Unfortunately the first lot of pain killers didn’t work for her, I know how that as feels as I’m morphine resistant, and she became very distressed, blood curdling howls as the neighbours described it. (The Smart One was in bits) We went back to the vet who prescribed buprenorphine which made a bit of difference; the noise abated to whimpers. By Thursday morning neither of us had had much sleep for 36 hours, during the night her behaviour had reminded me of extremely rapid cycling bipolar, unmoving, listlessness followed by a yelp and then totally manic, jumpy and wild eyed, flopped down in exhaustion, unmoving, listless … panting all the while; rinse and repeat. Back to the vet we went and I said to him that if she was my (human) patient I’d stuff some valium into her as she was moving a lot better so her pain levels must have reduced, now she just seemed totally stressed out.
😦 😦 😦

He concurred!

For Daisy

Welcome back Daisy.

There is still the odd whimper, to be expected at only 48 hrs post-op but she’s playing and up to all her annoying endearing tricks (cat flap rattling, tissue chewing, nicking stuff out of my handbag …). She’s still a bit twitchy so I’ll continue the valium for at least another 24 hrs but we both slept last night, her full bladder only disturbing us once.
🙂 🙂 🙂

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