Yet another mud bath …

Got home Saturday afternoon and we celebrated something or other with belated pancakes, mmmm – the Smart One ate 5, he’s a growing boy!

Today the weather has gone back to cold, windy, miserable and wet and I made an error (I’m not quite infallible) and didn’t walk Daisy early enough to keep her from becoming those 50 shades that are so unbecoming. I blame Quo – BBC showed their acoustic gig from last year and full of scepticism, even being a long time fan, I decided to try the first few minutes as K’d recorded it … CD is ordered … and Daisy had to wait. She got revenge by getting extra, extra black on the (late and rainy) walk and literally her feet did not touch the floor on the way to the bathroom afterwards.

As usual I managed to shower myself as well as Herself but she’s all white, bright and shiny now … just wish I could let you feel how soft and velvety that coat is – reminds me of the white muff I had when first I was a bridesmaid. (Heavens Rosemary, how many years ago was that? On second thoughts I probably don’t want to know!)

😀 😀 😀

6 thoughts on “Yet another mud bath …

    1. She’s an absolute darling, happy, affectionate and intelligent too. Already can’t imagine life without her. She seems to enjoy the wandering we’ve done so far and I think she’ll do fine on our longer journeys 🚐

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