Should’ve got the black one …

Contrary to the forecast (no surprises there then) today remained mostly dry, a bit overcast but not much wet stuff – I think the clouds must have been exhausted after yesterday. So Plan A was back in play – not that Plan B actually existed.

After a bit of the domestic stuff we pottered off to Croome Court, one time stately home, wartime air station, catholic school and Hari Krishna retreat (not all at the same time), now part of the National Trust, and had a lovely 2 hour walk around the grounds. Daisy had a fine time, spent quite a while off the lead and returned when called (colour me amazed) and is now 50 shades of black – that’ll be from barely black through to completely black – dammit there were a couple of black ones in the litter, could have saved myself the entrance fee. Dog showering facilities are not available here and, unlike BB, I don’t have a cut to throw her in so could I put in a request for the bathroom to be available at the Crosby residence tomorrow afternoon please – (it’s up to you K, but it’s your furniture!!) …

There’s at least a couple of places I haven’t seen, the Morgan museum and the Royal Worcester museum – may have to come back for those.

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Should’ve got the black one …

  1. I know! White is so hard to keep clean…..white shirts, white pants,……white dogs. I hope you covered her ears when you got to the part in your story about the “black ones”
    Poor, poor black/white Daisy 🙂

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