Them thar hills

Following a slightly abbreviated visit to BB and the Springers, Daisy did enjoy playing with the cousins, we moseyed on down to Hanley Swan near Worcester for the remainder of our half term break. Thankfully it was an uneventful drive.

Tuesday dawned lovely and sunny and I had a dose of culture by visiting the Elgar birthplace museum. Lovely little museum commemorating his life and work, loads of memorabilia including his desk, set up by his daughter as if he was working, and piano. I love the painting on the back wall of the visitor centre.

We then went into Great Malvern to the tourist information centre and they kindly told me which car park in the hills would accommodate R0X1, they even offered to look after Daisy for me whilst I walked – er, no thanks. (Everywhere I go with Herself people stop and admire her and chat to me!)

Yesterday was sunny and bright again but with a bitter cold wind so we stepped out briskly along the ridge of the Malvern Hills. The photos are of/from the British Camp an iron-age fort – no-one would have snuck up on that tribe complete 360° view! I read that the Malverns’ geology is so old it pre-dates life on earth hence no fossils … yeah, I know, except for me!!

Today was Worcester and the cathedral. It seemed appropriate to take a photo of King John’s tomb this year being the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. The sounds of the day have been rain or the RAF practising chasing off the naughty Russian bombers.

Need to do a little online research as tomorrow, according to the forecast, demands shelter from the pitter patter of tiny raindrops …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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