I’ve been Shopping …

Every once in a while I love to Shop.This means something other than the basic necessities of life, so having not Shopped for quite a while, this morning I took myself into Reading and graced the centre with my spending presence. Having purchased a few necessities, dental floss and toothpicks  (I never used to need toothpicks) and some pretty things to keep my hair out of my mouth in these winds, I wandered in to John Lewis. O-oh …

Well the cardigan was half price, dress wasn’t but it’s one of those all seasons’ ones you can layer under and over and the cardi was the right colour to go with it. Realising I was well into spending mode I beat a hasty retreat out of JL …

and into Lakeland where I found the smallish container for dog food that I was after, into which I shall decant kibble from the large container in the garage. And there I found also something not actually on the list, indeed something I wasn’t sure really existed except in my imagination. Let me digress – no you can’t stop me, so either read on or skip the next sentence.

Currently my washed dishes drain on a folded towel draped over the glass top of the hob, hate it; sopping wet towel, smeared glass top and difficulty stacking dishes. I have dreamed of a drainer with a tray to catch water that I can empty once the dishes are dry and stowed. Found it! Not only does it have a tray with a plug for emptying, it has a rack for plates, tines for glasses and mugs and containers for cutlery and as if that weren’t enough it all folds up for stowing away. Result; I left Lakeland well chuffed and set off for the station.

Unfortunately my walk took me past another of my favourite shops … but the ½ price navy cardi goes really well with the long line navy and blue striped top purchased there, and it’s another one you can wear on chillier spring/autumn days, layer over/wear with leggings or jeans on cold days …

It’s a good job I had to get back for the school run (or rather walk)

🙂 🙂 🙂

(4 ½ weeks to them thar hills – The Malverns)


7 thoughts on “I’ve been Shopping …

  1. Can’t beat a bit of retail therapy – just hope that all those things that “screamed” at you to buy them are still talking to you when you get home. Happy shopping

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