I hate bin day(s).

Took the barmy pup for a walk this balmy January morning, balmy that is compared to yesterday’s temperature in the Cambridgeshire Fens. It was a coat undone, why did I wear this thick jumper morning, but without sunshine. What was shining brightly was the garish blue colour of Wokingham District Council’s bin bags along all the verges. The black recycling boxes are fairly discreet and don’t attract the eye so much. We’re lucky enough to be at the beginning of our collection route and normally the eye is not irritated for very long – however … (you just knew that was coming)

90% of the good villagers of Hurst appear not to have properly read the council communication about seasonal changes to the refuse collection service. I am delighted that my immediate neighbours are obviously avid readers of council communications as there was no eye irritation around our little cul-de-sac. Blue bin bags were garishly lining all the other lanes today, Monday (usual collection day), but they will not be collected until Tuesday; tomorrow being the final altered day. For me, this not only meant my eye was very irritated for all of the walk but my elbow was even more irritated by Daisy’s lead being frequently yanked taut whilst an overexcited by smells pup stopped suddenly every few feet to investigate said smells and try and eat any remaining food debris scattered by wild animals during their weekly overnight feasting orgy.

Daisy is not going out again today until after dark. (Apparently dogs see colours less vividly than humans … explains why they’re not worried about getting up close and personal with garish blue bin bags.)

I decided not to irritate my readers’ eyes with pictures of garish blue bin bags … Here instead a picture of J who’s birthday it is today.

Jon (with Millie)


Happy Birthday Son

🙂 🙂 🙂

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