Je ne regrette rien.

I wasn’t going to post again this year but whilst I was walking the White One this morning I reminisced about my year, as you do on New Years Eve.

I found that the memories of the early part of the year with its many concerns about Disabled Bro, frantic summonses to his hospital bedside and the “joys” of dejunking and clearing out his stuff have faded into insignificance since we’ve got him settled and content in care. The frustrations of the delay in R0X1’s arrival into the country and inefficiencies of the DVLA have also faded into insignificance. Pouf – irritating trifles.

Cold weather?

(This morning’s walk)

Pas de problem.

Driving down an empty D road in France one sunny September morning I had the first perfect moment (there have been more since) when it truly came home to me that I’m relaxed, happy, and living my dream. It’s been an amazing six months since I took to the road. It’s been a better year than I could ever have hoped and 15 is as yet untouched …

Bring it on …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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