Pillow talk.

Mummy, Mummy when we were down the lane today, did you see that as soon as I sniffed that green thingie I realised that it was the same thingie that hurt my paws and I backed away? Was that clever Mummy?

Yes Daisy, very clever.

Mummy, you know you said how beautiful the sunset was this afternoon? Was it as beautiful as me?

No Daisy, not as beautiful as you.

Mummy, do you like those crackly brown things I collect from the garden and bring in as a present for you? Is it cute bringing you presents?

Yes Daisy, oak leaves are lovely as presents but I think I’ve got enough now thank you.

Mummy, I love following you around the flat.

I’ve noticed Daisy.

Mummy, you know when you say “Mine” I have to give it up? Well, I am learning aren’t I?

Yes Daisy. You’re very clever, very beautiful and very cute. Now go to sleep.

Wuff. Can I snuggle?

Yes Daisy …. but no licking.

😉 😉 😉

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