Gimme the drugs …

Unfortunately I missed the emergency dental service by five minutes on Saturday. However, as I had hoped, K still had heavy duty pain killers left from her back problems. And yes, I know that one shouldn’t take drugs that haven’t been prescribed, just call me Dan, I was that Desperate, and got a bit of sleep overnight as a result.

Sunday morning dead on the dot of the 10 o’clock opening time I rang the triage dental nurse and then K drove me to the clinic. I’d taken more meds at nine and was feeling comfortably numb on arrival. Lignocaine was administered by dentist (she really needs to acquire some people skills, it might have been nice if she’d introduced herself for a start) and after that kicked in she proceeded to drill the tooth to allow the abcess to drain. Due to all the swelling the lignocaine didn’t numb the nerve and even after topical lignocaine was put in the hole she wasn’t able to drill as far as was needed. I was doing an awful lot of twitching and trying my hardest to pull the armrests off the chair! She put antibiotics and a temporary dressing in the hole and with a prescription for antibiotics and advice to see my own dentist ringing in my ears (or was it tinnitus?) I left. Thanks to the local anaesthetic and lack of drilling I spent the next very few hours totally pain free.

Saw my own much more empathetic dentist this morning. As I had the day before I made sure I had sufficient pain relieving meds floating around in my bloodstream. After some light probing and an X-ray we made the decision that the offending tooth has to come out. I shall continue with the antibiotics (and pain meds!) and hopefully the swelling will be sufficiently reduced that the local anaesthetic will be effective and she’s going to yank upper right 6 out on Thursday …

(Very grateful am I that I didn’t have to go through all this in French!!)

🙂 😦 🙂

4 thoughts on “Gimme the drugs …

  1. Good luck with your tooth removal. Don’t be surprised if you are feeling quite unwell for a while. Iain was away on business for 4 days and it was all over by the time he came back – but I did take some selfies to show him how I had suffered. Took me about a month to feel properly well again. Hope all goes well,

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