Off pitch for an early bath …

We spent 3 nights at Crockwell Park, a very small site on which we were the only paying guests. We were surrounded by chickens, no free eggs tho’, and right next door to a field full of four footed friends and ducks and geese. Fantastic view across the valley just to top it all off.

Daisy is thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle of the older pup. She’s walking reasonably well on the lead, is quick to catch on to new instructions and is loving all the new experiences. She had a couple of walks along the front in Torquay, the wind was from the east and the waves were up (it was good to be home).


On site I let her wander outside R0X1 on the extending lead which she loved, the problem being the steps as she only has short legs (a problem I can identify with very closely). “Mummy” has to put her down and bring her in again – well that was a problem until The Horse approached the fence only 4 feet away – at which point one small dog discovered how to jump …

However lurking in the background was a nasty toothache which didn’t go away just because I ignored it, closely followed by a large, painful lump on the gum in front of and behind the aching tooth and then the puffy face and enlarged sub-mandibular gland. By this morning no pain killers were working and I was taking more than the recommended dose of 2 different ones. I don’t like dentists at the best of times so I’ve come home
a) to nick some of K’s heavy duty pain killers and
b) to visit a dentist I know and trust.

😦 😦 😦

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