In a rut …

Well into the rellies and friends trip, 2 brothers down – thankfully not literally – and now on my way into Devon to see J, and P&S, H&C and then Cornwall to see R&S.

Had a great 3 days at Gailey Lock car park, BB moored up on the cut just a bit along. Daisy enjoyed meeting the “cousins”, the jury is out on their opinion of her, Daisy is much younger and very pesky!! Sam tolerated her very well but Sally got a bit grumpy but then she’s always grumpy. Three dogs all on extendable leads is quite an interesting experience, BB and I discussed training them to plait and doing exhibitions at dog shows with them on bright ribbons. We did a rather long walk – well as far as Daisy was concerned, with her very short walking history, it was a long walk; I carried her a couple of times when her little puppy legs got tired. Ahhhh.
When we got back I became a bit concerned as she started whimpering and fussing at her paws. I felt very guilty in case I’d let her do too much on still soft pads. She was getting quite distressed so it was off to the vet – diagnosed as nettle stings. One steroid injection and a £40 bill later she appears to be making a good recovery tho’ I have kept walks to a minimum today.

Lovely to meet up with some old friends I haven’t seen for years for a drink or two (and a slice of cake). I’m very jealous that they have more grandchildren than I …

Hilarious time arriving at the field for my overnight stop at Higher Listock Farm in Somerset and it brought a whole new experience – being towed by tractor to my pitch as the grass was too wet for R0X1’s tyres to grip over the slight ruts. (And no BB, my driving was not at fault as no-one else could get her to move either.) Had to refer to the manual for the second time, this time to find where the towing hook is kept, bloody useful things manuals.

Farmer most apologetic about state of field entry and would have towed me off this morning but with a bit of judicious reconnoitring we got off without assistance …


Luckily the field wasn’t as wet as this one in Henley-on-Thames earlier this year.

🙂 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “In a rut …

  1. We did that to our dog when we first got her – a lovely long walk across the fields – but didn’t know that dogs get nettle stings in their feet. She was going berserk when we got home – but at least she never went near them again.

    1. Thank heavens it’s not just me. Feel awful tho’ as I noticed there were new nettles sprouting and thought they were late, never gave a thought to puppy paws … she seems to have forgiven me 🙂

  2. Adventures with your new puppy! You are making me want to get a dog.
    But I keep telling myself I’ll get one when I fully retire which might not be ever. Happy to hear Daisy forgave you… a heartbeat, I’m sure!

    1. It was seeing all the others with dogs in their vans that made up my mind that I had to get another one! It is difficult if you’re working tho’ 😦

  3. Thanks Sherry, considering it was pouring with rain I’m very pleased at how it turned out. Daisy’s paws are fine now and toughening up as I’m slowly increasing the length of her walks.

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