Flatulence and future plans …

Daisy is settling in well, some slight problems with finding a food she likes and that I think is healthy for her – breeder had her on Pedigree Chum – far too rich especially for a puppy. I remember years ago taking our much lamented goldie to have her first vax and asking the vet what I could do to stop her extremely toxic flatulence. His instant reply was “Get her off Pedigree Chum”. (How did he know? I hadn’t told him) and taking this one off it and getting her via Iams (no thanks Mum) onto James Wellbeloved puppy kibble has produced the same miraculous cure …

She seems totally unimpressed by R0X1 – curled up on the sofa and went to sleep when I took her aboard for the first time. Utterly unperturbed by fireworks, not that we’ve actually had November the 5th yet. Not bothered by her harness or collar and lead, she’s one very laid back pup, tho’ it may prove interesting when I try her with a puppy seat belt. I shall get her a crate as well but all my previous dogs have enjoyed looking out the car window, especially aforementioned golden retriever who always stood for the whole journey, no matter how long and stuck her nose in the air to demonstrate the superiority of her car and chauffeur whenever I overtook another car with a dog on board. Never did it if there wasn’t a dog in the car being overtaken! She also got extremely miffed and stubborn, followed by the hurt and hard done by look, if one or both of the kids were in the car and she got relegated to the back.

Daisy’s now microchipped and vax’d and will have her second vax next week so I’ll be able to put her on the ground rather than carry her on walks. She’s only 4 kilos but since she insists on doing an excellent imitation of a Ragdoll cat when picked up, it feels more like 10 kilos. My whistle stop tour of friends and rellies will start on the 13th and take us to Cambridgeshire, West Midlands and then Devon and Cornwall. My family seem to like to get as much distance between ourselves as we can – and yes, the country has been left for varying periods by each of the Brothers, some got Forces postings, another emigrated …

I’m starting to think about the trips I will make in the school holidays next year. The Netherlands and visiting the bulb fields is in the lead at the moment for easter – especially if the lovely Olga and Bert are open to me popping round. K and the Smart One would like to join me for May half term but we haven’t discussed where yet. I daresay the Smart One would not be averse to a beach somewhere and if I can cope with goldies covered in sand I should be able to sort out a little squit like Daisy and she probably won’t want to get wet and SMELL

Study in cream

🙂 🙂 🙂

Photo credit; K Crosby

6 thoughts on “Flatulence and future plans …

  1. Future Plans….Did you now there’s a site within 30 mins walk of the centre of Brugge? Haven’t been there, but the reviews appear good. The navigation to it is fairly straight forward as well.

    1. And doesn’t she know it. She’s also becoming quite the little tearaway – of the tear everything to shreds variety … barked for the first time yesterday and surprised herself – hilarious 😀

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