Discoveries …

Today is the only really nasty weather day, I’m not counting the few thunderstorms, I’ve had in France thanks to tropical rainstorm Gonzalo. (I’m playing Maggiemix on the iPod to see if R0X1 can rock in time!) Unfortunately I had to go into the village this morning to get a baguette and some milk so I donned wet weather gear and discovered even more pockets than I thought in my Rohan jacket. I put reading glasses, purse, iPhone, map, keys, 2 packets of tissues (I always get a runny nose when out in a gale) in the pockets and still had room to protect the baguette inside the jacket on the walk back. (Do wish R0X1 wouldn’t get ahead of the beat)

Veules-Les-Roses is a small sea-side village with a long history (4th century Franco-Merovingian cemetery discovered) and the shortest river in France. I had never heard of this place but discovered that the last major battle of the German offensive in 1940 took place here.

This afternoon the rain left – unfortunately the gale force winds didn’t – so I discovered the length of the Veules river from shore to source – 1,100 metres there and 1,100 metres back!!

Hope the English Sleeve gets a bit less choppy before Thursday … either that or we have a learner ferry Captain who’s still got his stabilisers on 😀

See you on the other side …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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