Autumn is arriving in France, the temperature is dropping and my summer/winter clothing has been swapped between less/more accessible cupboards. Not that it is particularly cold – just no longer in the mid to high twenties – and as I’m making my way slowly back to Calais and the ferry home next week I’ve a feeling the T shirts will soon have to be exchanged for jumpers. I’m already wearing trousers and shoes rather than shorts and sandals.

Have to say I’m looking forward to lots of hugs. And speaking my native tongue and not having to search for the correct word will be great. I’m proud to say tho’ that I’ve been complimented on my “excellent” French and “lack of accent” but I still have to extend my vocabulary. Must work harder!!! Perhaps the Smart One will lend me his pictorial dictionary …

I spent longer than I had planned at my last campsite hence a long drive yesterday. Wakan Tanka, Camping La Bucherie, is next to the tiny hamlet of La Bucherie and is quite simply the most peaceful place I have ever been. I sat (or walked) for hours unable to hear anything other than birds twittering (do they have to have accounts?), insects buzzing and the sounds of chestnuts dropping off the trees. I was able to see the night sky as I haven’t since I was a child, blazing stars, the Milky Way … and I watched the ISS orbiting for several minutes.
I’ve always had a very soft spot for the Dutch, a cousin was rescued and hidden by them after being parachuted into Arnhem in WW2 and the families stayed in touch and holidayed together annually during my childhood. So having made friends with Olga and Bert in Cap d’Agde I now made more Dutch friends, Ans and Ries the owners of this little bit of Dordogne paradise. It was a big culture shock yesterday driving through rush hour Le Mans and now being on a campsite with a busyish road right next door.

Here’s La Belle France in her autumn glory …

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “L’Automne

  1. Camping la Bucherie sounds wonderful….had to look it up, you were practically in the Vienne, region of one of my favourite villages on earth (maybe one day I’ll get back). Safe travels back, see you sometime in November, I hope…much to catch up on

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