Coming home to roost

I’ve been watching for 2 months now and I think I know how it goes …

Van or motorhome arrives at pitch, male driving. Female passenger disembarks and proceeds ahead to closely examine the pitch. She then gesticulates in accordance with the couple’s prearranged hand signals (and these vary widely between couples) where she wishes the male to park and supervises all following van movements with further arm waving and much calling between the pair, until she is happy the van is precisely where she wishes. Male applies handbrake but does not turn off engine. Couple proceed, with the aid of a spirit level on the floor of the van, to check the degree and direction of slope, sometimes this also involves the female crouching down to check by sight the accuracy of the spirit level. At this point there may be further twittering between the two. Frequently the male now produces grey/black/bright yellow plastic levellers from the rear locker. The female once again crouches down to check male’s placement/alignment of levellers is correct and then the male manoeuvres van onto the levellers. Couple jointly and separately check spirit level. If both partners are satisfied female places chocks behind wheels to ensure no slippage, male switches off engine and hookup occurs. Otherwise all is repeated until the pair are happy van is level. Occasionally the couple may repeat the complete sequence on a different pitch. Minimum 5 minutes.

Poor little me, all alone without anyone to help me roost? I drive up to the pitch, determine which side I want the habitat door and either front in or engage reversing camera and back in.
(A little slope makes cooking more interesting!) Maximum 30 seconds.

With thanks to this morning’s couple who took 2 pitches and 25 minutes to park and provided the inspiration/entertainment.

🙂 🙂 🙂

(By coincidence took the pix the day before yesterday – we don’t see many house martins in England now.)

8 thoughts on “Coming home to roost

  1. Hi Maggs! Just loving your running diary of your escapades. I hope you are keeping them inafile somewhere to make them into a book. Your writing style is very entertaining. Sounds all good and fun provoking. Luvya, take are out there, Gill xxx

  2. Prearranged hand signals? That’s given me an idea as flailing arms and hands covering all points within a 360° range of Amanda’s outstretched arms just isn’t working! Sounds like you’re having a good time now that you’re cooking on gas :0)

    1. I’m in the most peaceful place at the moment – went for a walk yesterday and stopped by a stream. Literally all I could hear was birds singing, insects buzzing, the stream babbling and chestnuts dropping off the trees – absolute bliss 😀

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