I don’t think so …

All Roman/Medieval/Papalpalace heritage sited out so I’ve left Avignon. I’ve reverse planned my route to ensure I’m in Calais for the ferry on the 23rd Oct.
(and also so I don’t have to park anywhere near Calais. I’m not stopping for anything within a 15km radius – don’t care who throws themselves in front of me. I’m not stopping because I don’t know how to lock the cab doors when I’m driving without the internal sensors registering my movements and I really don’t fancy announcing my arrival in Calais with the alarm system screaming. I’ve got such a sophisticated alarm system it goes off as soon as I stick my toe out of bed. Perhaps it’s time to read the manual …

I digress; how unusual.

So. I’ve headed slightly north and a lot west and am now in the Dordogne. One of my longer journeys but so many of the campsites are now closed shorter drives with an overnight stop are not as easy to work out. On the way the heavy cloud around Montpelier had me worried but by the time I reached the desired services on the A75/E11 the sun was out and I managed to get what I wanted …

Le Viaduc de Millau

The tallest, longest bridge in Europe. It took some amazing inventions to get this bridge slung in sections over the gorge, but even so I doubt it will last as long as the Pont du Gard. Both are equally beautiful.

Underneath the arches

Left the motorway immediately after the viaduct and a few kilometres later replied “I don’t think so” to an exhortation to visit “Micropolis – Le cite des insectes”. Given my recent difficulties with one particular species of insect and the approximately 20 itchy bumps that still remain, I felt the invitation was a tad insensitive.

However, I might be slightly tempted to have one last dose of heritage – they have some grottes with prehistoric cave paintings near here – but I’ll bet a few euros they don’t allow photos there either …

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “I don’t think so …

    1. Only allowed to take one photo looking back from the exit. Haven’t looked at it yet if it’s any good I’ll put it on the next blog. The cave was spectacular but before I write about it I need to get Wow, OMG, Fab and other similar erudite adjectives out of my head!!!

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