(and who doesn’t love a bargain?) pay to go to the caves just outside the town and you get into the Museum of Prehistory free.

Les grottes at Le Mas d’Azil did not disappoint, recommended by BB, he’d notice one or two changes tho’. The entrance and visitor centre is entirely new. The souvenir shop however is tiny and the items are few in number and not cheap tat. The tour guides really know their stuff (or seemed to, it was all in french and I only truly understood about 25% tho’ I got the gist – it’s all very old!!) and questions asked by native tourists were given very long answers. Unfortunately camera usage was “interdit” but I got a couple of nice ones of the road and tunnel – prettiest tunnel I’ve ever been in.

The museum was fascinating and the prehistoric art work incredible. Engravings and tiny artefacts, jewellery and implements, I can’t believe the intricate detailing and anatomical accuracy the ancestors managed with such tiny primitive tools, so talented. No photos allowed once again. The town is completely untouristy, not so much as a souvenir shop (the Chinese’ll be missing out here), but the newsagent/tabac sells postcards so the Smart One got his weekly addition towards the Cubs collectors badge.

I’d love, but won’t get, an explanation for the 5 low and slow jets that flew westwards yesterday morning with their small companion and then returned a couple of hours later.

5 + 1

There don’t appear to be any portholes in the fuselages with the exception maybe of the lead plane – really weird.

This morning I decided where to go next. So pleased with BB’s first recommendation I’m going to risk another 😉
I’m heading back east – wonder if they’ll allow R0X1 over the Pont du Gard?

🙂 🙂 🙂

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