not many, and certainly not the 3 course birthday lunch (with wine) in Carcassonne new town which was tasty and very reasonably priced. Lovely atmosphere in the traffic free square with the obligatory water feature, very warm and sunny.

Big disappointment was that the weak campsite wifi didn’t support Skype so the birthday chat with K and The Smart One didn’t happen yesterday 😦

Also a bit of a disappointment was Carcassone Le Cite. Much like Tintagel (and some years ago Knossos) it was too touristy for me, in fact I’m sure some of the Chinese plastic weaponry on sale was identical! I seem to prefer my history undisturbed like the 3,000 year old untouched ruins of a Lycene city in Turkey that I visited, just oozing atmosphere. The artisan biscuits purchased in Le Cite however, were, undisappointingly, to die for and I would have fought for them with the previously mentioned plastic weaponry if necessary. I had 2 apple and cinnamon and 2 dark chocolate, melt in the mouth superbness – never thought to take photos of them, just ate them! Glad I saw Le Cite tho’, made some pixels, but won’t bother to return. Strange that the places I’m most enjoying are the ones I just happen upon. Hoping that the grottes I’m off to see tomorrow at Le Mas d’Azil live up to the reputation that BB has given them.

And definitely not a disappointment are 2 lovely new campals, Olga and Bert, my Dutch neighbours from Cap d’Agde. Both have a terrific sense of humour and we have quite a bit in common. Had some great chats, giggles and a few glasses together. Olga took some photos of me as I left and Bert emailed them to me with birthday wishes from both of them. I love this one …


we’re going to catch up again next year 🙂

So in the 2,276 miles so far travelled just 3 disappointments, I’m liking these stats …

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Disappointments…

  1. Oh, and I agree re preferring history undisturbed….but some of the distant views of Carcassonne can be stunning. Better the castles off the beaten track…

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