Back to the day job.

Great holiday by the Med, superb hot, sunny weather, kilometres of uncrowded sand, the Pyrenees in the distance, tiny fish in the shallows, thousands of yachts in and out of the marinas and not a sign of “Fish and Chips” or “English Pub”; in fact very few Brits. I may well have to return!

But duty calls and it’s back to professional tourism tomorrow. I’ve decided to spend my birthday (unfortunately one of those large milestone ones – OK, so according to the NHS I become a geriatric this week) in Carcasonne. Don’t know why, but Carcasonne, like Millau, is an absolute must for me. Let’s hope the light is better than it was in Millau. And bugger the budget, I might even treat myself to a meal out …

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “Back to the day job.

  1. Well, have a great time in Carcassonne…you’ll love it! I remember we talked about Cathar castles once, or I did talking of the ones I’ve visited. For another time, Lastours, Puilaurens, Peyrepertuse and Quéribus are worth seeing even if only from the distance. Happy approaching birthday! And I would bugger the budget!

  2. Oh ho 26.9.14 = What a day and, yet again, you are older than me !!!! Keep enjoying yourself and splash out on 26th. Loads of luv

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