Cooking on gas ..

LPG that is. The courier arrived at 11 am on Wednesday and by midday, although there was no sign yet of the promised storm, I was on my way.

I journeyed down the most scenic motorway (the A75) I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive and I hate m’ways. The French are liberal with their altitude signs, posting one every couple of kilometres to inform me that I was pretty high up so the frequent viaducts over river gorges shouldn’t have surprised me, but “Wow” was a frequently used, if unimaginative, word.

Cap d’Agde was a last minute decision as a destination. Easy journey, by the Med, so should be warm (it is, very) and I thought I deserved a holiday!! It’s a bit touristy but as there aren’t many this late in the season, it’s not a problem. Campsite-wise I’ve struck lucky again, amenities spotless, big pitch and owners friendly, and having had lovely Scottish neighbours early in the week in Millau, I now have lovely Dutch neighbours. Superb long sandy beach to wander and the sea is warm tho’ a bit rough at present. The south hasn’t entirely missed the inclement weather, but at least it’s a warm stiff breeze!

But I do seem to have landed up in the Milton-Keynes of the south of France – only from the roundabout point of view you understand! The French have caught what they think of as the English disease – roundabout fever – and nowhere more so than here in “La ville des beignets”. R0X1, bless her, despite her 23ft is very manoeuvrable; these babies are quite small “rond-points” , narrow and with kerbs. I discovered this on my hunt for LPG. Having got the adapter I then had to find an appropriate garage. Having found an appropriate garage I then had to do a U turn in the forecourt as the pump hose was too short to reach round R0X1. Having got into position I had to go to different pump to insert my card before dispensing… however I am now replete with LPG and able to cook again.

🙂 🙂 🙂

5 thoughts on “Cooking on gas ..

    1. First thing I “cooked” was a chilli using a French cook-in sauce. Wierdest chilli I ever tasted – think sweet and sour minced beef, with more sweet than sour. 😦
      I’ll bring some with me next time.

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