Heartfelt thanks …

to all those who got in touch to tell me about the necessary adapter, and especially to those who offered the loan of theirs (unfortunately no-one is near enough). Robert at Gaslow was very helpful, tried to find me a local distributer but no luck so he’s couriering one to me – should be here in a couple of days. Oh gosh, I might have to eat out a couple of times …

Arrived in Millau yesterday, great site near centre of town on the banks of the R.Tarn. Only a brief glimpse of the viaduct on the way in so far. The drive was great, stunning vistas (even from a motorway). Unfortunately the Gendarmerie don’t consider the urgent need to record a spectacular image sufficiently urgent to warrant a quick park on the hard shoulder.

Chambon-sur-lac and the volcanos

🙂 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “Heartfelt thanks …

  1. Thank goodness you have received help I did not have a clue so felt helpless. Take care

  2. Sorry I didn’t pick this up earlier maybe it would have helped you. We have found that most fuel stations in France have spare adapters for you to use, if you read my blog you will see our fun with the French adapters not working – we gave up and drove 200 miles into Spain to fill up with the Spanish ones. Just go into the shop and ask for help and they are mostly happy to do so.
    Happy motoring and lpg sourcing.

  3. We get our Gaslow system next week, will be double checking we have all the adapters after reading this. Glad you got it all sorted

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