It’s as a pedestrian that I’m a liability. 63 years (remember I wasn’t born able to walk!) of looking right first it’s so automatic I can’t kick the habit, and I can’t work out who has right of way on what are laughingly called pedestrian crossings.

The driving in France is no problem at all, I’ve even found my self driving on auto-pilot and not wandering onto the wrong (right) side – so glad I bought LHD. (And I give way to pedestrians all the time just in case!) Gear changing has become smoother, my right hand seems to have got the message! However I fear my right side may become over muscled because of all the stretch downs to the left to get the handbrake fully off. If I develop a lean like the tower of Pisa you’ll know why! R0X1 is handling like a dream, the hair pins are fun, and no olive groves to cause a skid (very long old story). Coming up here I did notice slightly less power as we got to over 1000 meters but only because I was expecting it might happen.

The views from this campsite are stunning, across a lake to a small town with a castle above and the (extinct) volcanos and forest all around. Last night’s moonrise was incredible. I didn’t have time to set up the tripod so it’s not perfect and the moon is not as red in the photo as it was with the naked eye. Unfortunately because of the time of year daytime views are too hazy for decent photos but here goes anyway …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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