Squats and thrusts

Loire dip

The Loire is quite wide here and even though the levees either side are about 12 feet high it has flooded badly in the past, most recently in 2003. The path from the site to the town runs alongside the top of the levee and is part of a “circuit rondino”, presumably a training circuit. Despite the signs demanding knee bends, squats and various types of arm swinging I haven’t noticed anyone else complying – come to think of it haven’t noticed my arms/legs/body doing anything out of the ordinary either!

It’s a pretty path and I noticed this morning that there must have been rain in the mountains in the past couple of days as the river level is up a bit, the beaches are narrower. There are signs all over the camp advising how to evacuate in the event of a flood – fast in a northerly direction and don’t stop to unhook the electric or perform any exercises!

Tomorrow I head for the hills, want a quick look around the Puys and some hair pin bend driving practice (Remember Corfu Dear Readers?) before autumn takes hold and most campsites start closing for the winter around the end of the month. I’m giving some consideration to going into Spain for a couple of weeks at the beginning of October, see how cold it gets around Carcasonne.

Eat your hearts out!

🙂 🙂 🙂

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