Campals …

a new word meaning camper friends that you make on site. Janice and Bob invited me for a meal last night (and one or two bottles glasses of wine). Lovely people and great conversation and company, on their way to Spain with Jan’s father who will celebrate his 94th whilst there; gives wonderful hugs! Hope to see them on the road again.

I’ve wandered this delightful medieval city centre but have left some to see so that I can return. (Which reminds me – K. I’ve left shower gel and shampoo so that …. !)

Picassiette, which means “broken plates” and also “little Picasso”, house was built and decorated by Raymond Isadore over a period of many years starting in 1929 and there’s nothing he didn’t mosaicise (another new word). It’s very different in a Gaudi sort of way and I loved it, but I can’t imagine living in it and retaining either eyesight or sanity!

I’m leaving Chartres tomorrow but haven’t yet decided on a destination – somewhere in the Loire valley.

🙂 🙂 🙂

11 thoughts on “Campals …

  1. And your cat knocked it all over as he was trying to escape out the bathroom window. Luckily I caught him in time. Little bugger….

  2. Can thoroughly recommend St Aignan Sur Cher, municipal site on the bank of the river, walk into town, chateau in town. Also a stop in Saumur (site on island in Loire) – both lovely spots

  3. have had good times in Arcachon, a good place to relax and watch the Atlantic with a bottle of bordeaux. Are you headed to Spain, if so Pamplona is a must and the Picos de Europa are great, would rather be on a big bike than a campervan though. Please don’t go to Seville and Granada though cos I’ve not been there (yet!). Happy and safe travels xxx

    1. Not heading to Spain until next year and now you’ve said that will definitely go to Seville and Granada :)) Now in the Loire valley collecting Sauvignon samples!!

  4. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Keep posting whenever you can, I’m getting very nostalgic with the mention of places I have visited in the past!

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