Post Script …

to the Shakedown Cruise.

Spent a couple of nights in the Berkshire Car Park after Butlins. I was offered a bed indoors but declined. Quick internal Roxiclean, washing and drying sorted and off to the Fens. Joined by BB and the dogs at a very good campsite. We visited Ely, after BB had installed new hookup socket for me. (Yes, I broke it. Thought I knew what I was doing manoeuvring in the Berkshire Car Park trying to get that side of Roxi as close to hedge as possible and didn’t leave enough slack in the cable 😦 )

What lovely place Ely is, it deserves another visit when I’m next here. We went into the stained glass museum at the cathedral, I didn’t realise the level of detail that goes into the artwork. Being able to get so close and see such tiny brush strokes was fantastic. There were examples from every era and I was surprised how much I liked the really modern stuff. Unfortunately cameras were not allowed in the gallery museum, however managed to get some lovely internal views of the cathedral…

Leaving here tomorrow and back to the Berkshire Car Park for 9 nights and then there is a spot picked out for me on a ferry to France 🙂 Thought about using Eurotunnel after reading a fellow blogger’s account but I’m banned as I’ve got an LPG tank. I’ve also decided be blowed to Brittany for now as I want to have a long summer and Brittany weather will be as cold as here. So it’s down south to Languedoc via the Massif Central and back up via Gascony and Aquitaine etc. and if I can’t afford that much diesel I’ll just have to winter there …..

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Post Script …

  1. Hi Maggie, you mention diesel for your motorhome and then LPG regarding the tunnel. My understanding is that the tunnel doesn’t allow LPG fuelled vehicles (like American RV’s) but if your MoHo runs on diesel you can use the tunnel. The tunnel LPG ban doesn’t refer to the habitation LPG although you do have to turn that off when going through the tunnel. Your set-up is the same as ours and we’re using the tunnel so I think you are also eligible. Best regards, Roy

    1. Thanks for clearing that up for me Roy. I’ve booked ferry this time as you know but I may well tunnel in the future. Thanks again, Maggie

  2. Hi Maggie, just to let you know I agree with Roy. We cannot use the tunnel because we have FIXED onboard lpg tanks for habitation AND fuel. Our old MH had bottles and there is no problem with that, and they check about 3 times that you have the bottles turned off. There might be a limit with the number and size of bottles but I think that’s something like 26kg (2 13kg tanks allowed) but you would need to check that out.

    Love your photographs by the way – keep blogging

    1. Thanks for the confirmation Wendy. It is only habitation I have LPG for and I always have it turned off when on the move – except when I forget!!

      Glad you like my photos – soon be some French ones ….

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