I wish I could …

blog in sound and smell. I can manage visual with words and photographs but it’s just not enough to describe what I’d like to convey.

It’s the rambles through the country lanes and footpaths that make me wax lyrical. Yesterday I walked to Crackington Haven again, my plan to catch the bus from there to Boscastle.

Only a couple of cars passed on the lanes making me realise what an irritant mechanical sound is, especially when it drowns out all other noises. For most of the three mile walk I could hear only the sound of my footsteps, the chattering of the stream, birdsong, insect buzz and the odd moo, cluck and bleat. Apart from the occasional whiff of fertiliser the scent of honeysuckle almost made me feel drunk. I felt utterly at peace.

I sat at the Haven Cafe having the most wonderful coffee which is roasted in Falmouth, the proprietor was even able to tell me that it was roasted only last Thursday! Full flavoured without bitterness I’ve not tasted better for a long time, if ever, and I now wish I could blog in taste as well! With the beach literally a stone’s throw away there was absolutely nothing wrong in my world.

Crackington Haven

Until …

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