Nostalgia …

for the good old 300 route. Currently the turn of the 595, the route itself runs between Bude and Wadebridge, I just needed the bit between Wainhouse Corner and Tintagel, which is only really pretty through the lower part of Boscastle.

At the risk of being pronounced a heretic (or worse) I didn’t actually find anything worth visiting in Tintagel. The usual commercial rubbish in all the shops aimed at getting tourists, especially the ones with not enough sense and too many pleading children, to part with their money. I decided that in the very muggy heat and amongst hordes of other tourists I didn’t really need to hike down (and up again, tho’ at £2 each way, bus passes not accepted, I could’ve made the trip in a Landrover) the track to the ruins of Tintagel Castle for what would prove to be very dull images of hordes of tourists clambering over large, low lying, stones. It was hard enough to walk the street without getting thwacked by the plastic swords wielded by hordes of plastic helmeted children; modern Arthurian legend comes in plastic. I’d seen the postcards and have other pixels to fry.

Neither did I take a picture of the hordes of seagulls (at least 8) which swooped down to cause mayhem amongst crockery and glasses whilst gobbling the remains of pasty and salad from the plates of the just vacated outside table of a restaurant where I was otherwise enjoying a peaceful lunch.

I did however take a picture of the 595 bus.


No animals (human or bus drivers) were hurt in the making of this photograph

The driver claimed the brakes locked, and well they might have, but the very sudden deceleration won’t have helped. Caught by the unexpected – to the driver, I saw it coming through gaps in the trees – appearance of a large articulated lorry coming round the fairly sharp bed towards us, the aforementioned driver was forced to stamp rather hard on aforementioned brakes and we slid into the barrier. Inexplicably he drove on into Tintagel (only a mile, and who needs brakes anyway – that’s what barriers are for) and only then took the bus out of service for elf’nsayftee reasons due to brake failure. Hmmm.

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