Call me a wuss …

but I found last night’s storm quite unnerving. (Bear in mind I’m in a plastic box on wheels, in a clifftop field near Landsend, where nothing grows taller than me.)

Following a stonkingly hot and sunny blue sky day, it started about six just as the fish and chip van arrived. Squally showers and blustery wind which slowly increased until the main event began at around eight. Forked lightning six miles away – I counted. By this time R0X1 was gently rocking in the wind. If this had been a symphony I would criticise the overture as overlong. (Yeah, I know, symphonies don’t have overtures but I like the way it sounds with overlong.)

The first movement introduced sheet lightning and light rain, I’m starting to think Beethoven here. With the increasing wind R0X1’s movements were becoming more definite. Again this was an overlong section worthy of a Tchaikovsky indecisive finale.

The second movement certainly moved R0X1, quite violently; I had severe misgivings about the longevity of our joint future. At around ten pm the rain became torrential and the wind increased to gale force. I resorted to the iPod via earphones to try to drown out the incredible noise with Saint-Saens’ organ concerto. The lightning, sheet and forked, was continuous and R0X1’s rocking was making me regret the fish and chip supper. Luckily this movement was not as drawn out.

After three-quarters of an hour with all the warning of Schubert’s Unfinished …

🙂 🙂 🙂

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