A lot less suspicious than a baseball bat.

Yesterday I discovered the laundry bag to be full. After doing the washing I got out the new portable washing line (think rotary dryer – only it doesn’t rotate and the legs are held down by tent pegs). Bearing in mind that this campsite is on the Atlantic facing cliffs of north Cornwall and there has been what could euphemistically be called a stiff breeze blowing for the last few days, I had some misgivings about hanging out said laundry, not to mention visions of myself chasing round the site in pursuit of my smalls. Despite this I pegged out and settled down to laundry watch. Laundry drying is marginally more interesting than paint drying as there is movement (see earlier comment about stiff breeze). Ultimately boredom set in and the SwCP called.

The Southwest Coastal Path does exactly what it says – follows the coastline of the whole southwest peninsula and in north Cornwall it frequently traverses contour lines in almost perpendicular fashion. If you’re looking for somewhere to train for a Himalayan trek you could do a lot worse. The views are spectacular and well worth the energy spent, bees and butterflies abound amongst the wildflowers and in spite of the shrieking gulls and roaring surf (blown out today for the surfers amongst you) it’s incredibly peaceful. I walked to Mawgan Porth, (2½ miles but seemed twice as long given the closeness of the contour lines) deliberately greeting everyone who passed to check how breathless their responses were in comparison to me.

 Southwest Coastal pathway

Those of you slightly interested in my wellbeing may be pleased to learn that on my walks I carry dear old Dad’s walking stick, duly shortened and re-feruled. It has many uses including the thrashing of nettles and brambles, the support of my ageing person on steep bits and, dear BB, it looks a lot less suspicious than a baseball bat!

The laundry was still on the line on my return.

🙂 🙂 🙂

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