556 ….


is the bus route between Newquay and Padstow. It turns out the route taken is rather longer than the 13 miles advertised on the signposts. The bus meanders rural lanes through villages with evocative Cornish names such as Trevarrian, Mawgan Porth, Trenance and Porthcothian, sometimes these lanes are more than single track, frequently they are less than one as the sound of vegetation slapping both sides of the bus attests. Suffice to say frequent reversing to a passing space (once to allow an oncoming bicycle through) explains why the buses are always late. Twice on reaching villages the bus turns around and exits back the way it came, this is allowed for on the timetable which declares the journey to take one hour.

Not all buses on this route are modern and the one to Padstow this morning was a vehicle of uncertain years and noisy transmission. There being no bell pushes, passengers shouted to the driver on the approach to their preferred stop. The plush upholstered seats were an improvement on the usual plastic, although I couldn’t quite work out why the same material covered the central part of the ceiling.

Before I am accused of whinging, moaning and complaining I must say this is one of the most enjoyable bus trips I’ve ever taken. With spectacular views over the sea and coastline, winding down (and up) steep roads giving peeps of hidden coves with sandy beaches, passing gorgeous granite cottages and their neat cottage gardens and fields full of sheep, the hour and twenty minutes it took was not long enough.

Newquay and Watergate bay

🙂 🙂 🙂

3 thoughts on “556 ….

  1. We did this area last year…loved it. There is a lovely peaceful CC CL opposite Bedruthan Steps. Have a scan back through my trips last Jul/Aug I did a couple of blogs on the area.

  2. Mawgan Porth rings a distant bell, from many years ago. And I did a recent post on the Bedruthan Steps (images from the 1980s)

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