I’m an Adventurer now

Lots of chat, plenty of wine and wall to wall sunshine at R & S’s, Saltash, Cornwall (the Deep West). Wonderful stay, thanks chaps. Hopefully see you on the road soon!

Now truly off on my own. Terrifying and exciting both.

Newquay (even Deeper West) has greeted me with wet and windy weather and R0X1 is rocking a bit up here on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic. Should be some good photo ops when the visibility improves.

The fish and chip van has called at the campsite and I indulged – my excuse being that I can’t use the oven as I haven’t yet read the manual and it’s too wet to go outside to search the garage for it. I know, I know, I had to go out in the rain anyway to get my meal ….

but I didn’t have to wait for it to cook after I got back in from the rain ….

and it was beautifully freshly cooked and truly delicious ….

OK, so I didn’t know it would be that good ….

I took a risk ….

but then I’m an Adventurer now! 🙂


Saltash, Cornwall

10 thoughts on “I’m an Adventurer now

  1. Can’t beat Cornish fish n chips! Probably fresh from Newlyn. Enjoy your travels – look forward to reading about your adventures..

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