Shakedown cruise …

R0X1 took rather more shaking than I would’ve wished, more of which later.

Picked her up on Monday morning and packed with indecent haste. K, the Smart One and I had an Indian takeaway in the van on Monday evening and I slept peacefully overnight whilst parked outside the flat! After a final stowage the road beckoned on Tuesday morning.

As I am now officially Nomaggsrush I used the non-motorway, prettier route to Devon, more practice with the LHD and using the gear stick and handbrake with the “wrong” hands. My biggest problem tho’ was remembering what the clutch is for – I’ve been driving K’s automatic for the past few months!

My first campsite “The Old Orchard” is lovely, 9 pitches only 4 of which are in use.


Tranquility base

tranquility base 

Very peaceful surrounded by fields, little traffic on the lanes. The main road, with a bus stop, is only ½ a mile away.


Quiet lanes

quiet lanes

 The shake happened Wednesday morning. Having finally worked out the mysteries of the gas system I went to fill up with LPG. The incident was partly my fault as I wasn’t at that point very aware of how much my wing mirror sticks out (am now), but certainly the oncoming van, which wiped out said mirror, was far out in a rather narrow street and exceeding 30mph. The bang made J jump, he was in the passenger seat right next to the mirror!! Chappie at Halfords was extremely helpful and I have temporary mirrors stuck in and straps holding the housing together.




the mishap

I’ve been buying out Wilko as I discover various needs for small living – e.g. a hanging shoe caddy is far more practical than a shoe box. And those new double sided sticky velcro thingies are wonderful for hanging things on the wall.


Sticky velcro hung


Luckily Wilko stuff is cheap as I couldn’t find the box with all my glassware and mugs and had to replace them 🙂

Caught up with J and girlfriend. They came for breakfast and survived my first cooking attempt on the stove. R0X1 has met with approval from them and from P&S and H&C who have also visited.

Saw an advert for Tiverton balloon festival on 11th – 13th July. Now that may be worth a visit …

Off to Cornwall on Monday and my campsite – my best friend’s drive!

🙂 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Shakedown cruise …

  1. Oh, poor little ROX…she’ll think you’re an evil Troll, not taking care…. Anyways, glad you’re finally on the road. Cornwall sounds good, then where?

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