Good news and bad news ….

but mostly good ….

That most efficient of government departments, the DVLA, have kindly rushed my registration document (V5C) to me in the stunningly short time of 15 working days, not including time taken to order and receive the appropriate initial form. They estimated it would take 7-10 working days. The tax disc arrived at the showroom after 17 working days ….

The good news is that as I now have a registered and taxed vehicle  I may drive R0X1 away from the showroom …. the bad news is that the showroom can’t accommodate the handover until Monday.

Good news is; the scooter is now up and running  ….  bad news is; I now have to register it as a newly imported vehicle.

The form requested from the DVLA (V55/4 plus INF148) will arrive within  7-10 DVLA days. I have to return completed V55/4 together with Form V267 from the importer, the manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity with the great British standard, and finally add a cheque for 5,500 great British pennies. The DVLA will then register and tax the scooter and send me the registration document (V5C) and disc within 7-10 DVLA days.

No need to load up the scooter for my first trip then …. I’m only away for 6 weeks!


R0X1's V5C

 R0X1’s V5C

🙂 🙂 🙂



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