Cat and mouse

K and I have been amazed by our respective cats. Rigsby (middle aged Maine Coon, mine) and Polgara (ancient brown tabby, K’s) have had to “merge” too. There was a little bit of growling and hissing from Polly in the first couple of days until she established that she was top cat despite being the intruder. Riggs has always been the most laid back of cats and easily makes cat friends. He’s totally unconcerned about pecking orders and just gets on with his own thing. Pol is enjoying a new lease of life here, very content and has rediscovered her youth. They are now totally at ease with each other. We think that they were so used to smelling each other’s scent on our clothing, it was a case of  “Oh, so that’s what you look like”.


Riggs the magnificent
Riggs the magnificent.


Polgara the persistent purrer.

However for the adult humans involved (the Smart One would sleep through an enemy invasion) it has been troublesome at times, all night parties and uninvited friends round to play ….

I’m unsure who, past history would indicate Riggs, but one of them brought home last night’s friend, a very active friend, whose past-midnight rustlings round the bedroom made it impossible for me to fall asleep. Switching on the light I caught a brief glimpse of the cutest mouse on it’s hind legs trying to sneak out through the cat flap. I opened the door to the patio hoping this would allow it to depart quickly and easily, it being far  too small and light to operate the magnetically closed flap. Unfortunately at this point Pol came in, a game of hide and seek ensued and ended in both sides temporarily making  tactical withdrawals (the human still unable to go to sleep).

Fast forward to 3am and following several replays, in exasperation I banished Pol from the bedroom. A few minutes later I caught sight of the guest trying to leave unobtrusively again. Despite the pouring rain I reopened the door, accepting the need to don jumper and additional afghan blanket cover in the interests of mousekind conservation; magnanimous considering mouse antics had been more wild life than wildlife. Lying in bed I peered unremittingly for ages into the darkness hoping to observe the guest’s safe departure over the white upvc threshold.

Pol, meanwhile, was scratching intermittently at  my and K’s bedroom doors. Unsurprisingly K was slightly miffed; got up and opened my bedroom door to give the cat access to the cat flap. Resigned to more, but hopeful that I’d missed the departure and that the cat and mouse games had had their closing ceremony, I shut the patio door.

At about 4am I finally achieved peaceful and undisturbed sleep  …….

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