Always talk to a Woman

if you want information/arrangements made.

Despairing from lack of information about R0X1’s ETA, and being unable to make any arrangements to sort out P’s bungalow, visit friends etc., I phoned the showroom this morning  – and my call was answered by Woman.

In under 5 minutes we had complete understanding of what needs to be done by both sides and it turns out that as long as I get the radio to them for fitting, I’m not needed til handover day. So I shall deliver the radio tomorrow and go through the to do list with (unfortunately) a man. I’ve just made arrangements with BB to go to Huntingdon next weekend for several days or a week to do the necessary sorting/emptying. P being somewhat of a hoarder (typical English understatement) this may take some time.

Wonderful Woman then phoned back to say she had organised the sales manager (male) to phone Adria who report that R0X1 is docking in UK tonight – so we’ve agreed a provisional handover date of the 17th June. This could move forward by as much as a week if the DVLA unexpectedly have a bout of efficiency and return the registration docs promptly.


I got us to Barcelona ...

A fine example of an arrangement making Woman!


an incredibly expensive beer


OK – maybe not quite so capable after this …


Credit; Photographer R (with my camera)  Similar situational photos of her are available on request!

Location; Top, Catalunya Square, Barcelona.  Bottom, Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

WARNING; Friends, you may be visited soon. Have railcard, will travel!!

3 thoughts on “Always talk to a Woman

  1. Well, there you have it, get a capable Woman on your side… Great news, look forward to catching up soonish!! 🙂

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