Help to pass forward

47 years of driving and today I chalked up a first – I ran out of petrol.

No, no please, no expressions of sympathy.  Idiocy to self was compounded by being out without my mobile phone  (Methinks I was actually out unaccompanied by my brain).

A couple of lads in their early 20s were very helpful, one used his mobile to call a taxi for me on a number supplied by the other. That had just been sorted when a middle-aged couple pulled up having noticed my hazard lights flashing and offered their help. The lads phoned and cancelled the taxi. Lovely couple drove me to petrol station a mile or so away and then, after I’d purchased container and 5 litres of unleaded, returned me to my car. All four refused my offers of reimbursement and cheerfully said they were only too happy to help.

Premium pair


The Smart one and me at Disneyland, Paris.

I would like to publicly thank these four anonymous good Samaritans and promise that if and when I come across someone needing it I shall pass their help forward.



3 thoughts on “Help to pass forward

  1. Simply lovely story with an equally lovely photo. So many helpful people out here; we are never alone when in need! You made my day with your story, Maggie. Thank you!

  2. Ah well, chalk it up to experience and don’t try to repeat it abroad! unless, of course, you have an ulterior motive…. Anyway, great story and just goes to show the kindness of strangers 🙂

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