The merger

If anyone is paying attention it will not have escaped notice that I’m busy downsizing. I feel so at home in the local charity shop I may move in – more of my Stuff there than here!

One final push to clear sufficient space for K and the Smart One to move in, in 2 days time. They’re taking over the flat and a fair bit of my Stuff – merger of 2 households. The flat remains base camp for me when I’m in the UK.

I’ve been totally amazed at how unfazed I am at getting rid of so much Stuff that I considered myself attached to.  I spent a long time, and a fair bit of cash collecting cherub Stuff for my bedroom – gone without a twinge. Considerably surprised by the unexpected odd items that I’ve found difficult to part with.  I impulse bought 2 little jugs from a tiny pottery shop in Cothele, Cornwall – can’t part with them.

Little blue jug with peony

  Little blue jug and peony reflected.

Jug handmade in Cornwall by Emma West –


Cat family, Xmas pressie from the Smart One, are coming along for the ride –

judicious use of blue-tack will keep them safe!

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