Ever grateful ….

Sitting shivering and eating my breakfast this morning (boiler needs urgent surgery) I found myself thinking of the way Tin Can Traveler, frequently signs off her blogs …..

Having made up my mind I can easily keep warm by continuing my weekend mission of disposing of material goods to charity shops and going to the tip with the junk, I started to consider how privileged I am. The boiler outage is a temporary annoyance, the landlord has arranged for it to be mended. I am not, like some in war torn or so-called third world countries, without shelter and in imminent danger of hypothermia or worse.

I have had sufficient disposable income that my downsizing can bring benefit to others less lucky and I have the choice to dispense with “stuff” that is non essential to my new life. Although my pension is very small and I will have to travel within a tight budget, I am able to have a retirement living my motorhome dream, not grubbing around for subsistence living.

And if that’s not reason to be “ever grateful” I don’t know what is  …

Thanks Annie 🙂

Blooming cold

(Kerria Japonica currently flowering in the garden)

5 thoughts on “Ever grateful ….

  1. Just came across your blog – absolutely love it and your photos. Enjoy your retirement fulltiming – we’ve been doing it now for 4 months and absolutely love it – winter in Spain. I’ve added it to my blog for others to find.

  2. Hi there. Your blog is so right. There is always someone somewhere far worse off than yourself.

    Fortunately we are, like you said, the lucky ones, we have, basically, a fantastic way of life compared to some. However it does not hurt to sometimes think you are hard done by – or why me – etc. Everyone is human and it is not a “sin” to feel sorry for yourself now and again and feel anger against the world/individuals etc. etc. Once you have done that you can go forward feeling better because you have NOT kept it within yourself and driven yourself to a drivelling wreck !!
    Good luck – Luv Hevvs

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