All in the name ….

I’ve been pondering a name for The Van for some little while and nothing’s struck a chord.

Nomaggsrush?         Too long, doesn’t flow.

The Beast?               (As in the bike is Beauty and The Van is – well – big.) Does nothing for me and even less for The Van.

The Van?                  Too impersonal, no warmth.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present …… ROX1


Why?                The other day I was informed of her registration number. It will be RX14DVV. Take the first 2 letters, change the 1 to an I …..

It rocks!!! 😀

6 thoughts on “All in the name ….

  1. My wife Laura is wanting to name our new motor home. I’m OK with it, I guess. I tend to call things by their manufacturer names myself. My car is “the Pontiac”. My first street bike was “the Triumph”, and my second street bike was “the Honda”…….so I’m good with just calling our motor home “the Georgetown”. Laura just shakes her head at that….LOL.

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