Pictures at an exhibition

My plastic and I visited the well timed camping and caravanning exhibition at the NEC, Brum. I had a list and was determined for bargains. Saw plenty, but little I wanted or needed, so the plastic failed to melt! I did join a couple of good schemes for discounted (low season) campsites. I shall probably use a campsite every week or so to do laundry etc.

Camping & caravan exhibition.Loved these bright colourful kites.

It was good that having looked round at all the stands I realise that I seem to have thought of most things. Nothing jumped out to make me think “OMG – how could I forget that?”    Here’s hoping I don’t regret that statement when I’m a good few hundred miles away …

Adria and Ducato standsAdria and Ducato stands

Lingered at the  Adria and Ducato stands. Excellent to see the Ducato chassis and to know that mine is already at the Adria factory in Slovenia being built on.

Ducato chassis.

Hope I don’t ever see my chassis like this.

Also delighted to find out that I automatically get 2 years of Ducato camper assist free, wherever I am in Europe (well I’m always in Europe but you know what I mean) – not that I really want to have to use it!

I had a great day.

Seven weeks til The Van arrives …..

6 thoughts on “Pictures at an exhibition

  1. We’ve been at the motor homing game for 12months now…absolute beginners…never even owned a caravan! We love it.

    3 things that greatly assist us:

    1. A 3G MIFI….for internet access wherever we can get a “3” phone signal. We buy the 3gig simcards off amazon, they last for ages. So we don’t rely on anyone else. Thats how I blog when on the road.

    2. Caravan Club Membership. Purely for access to their huge number of Certified Locations (CL’s)…Which only allow up to five vans. It will pay for its self in the UK.

    3. External thermal silver screens. The amount of heat lost through the windscreen when parked up is bonkers….Easy to fit on and off. The most popular is “Silverscreen” Also great in the hot weather from stopping the van from cooking up, when parked in the sun.

    Loving the blog. Days to do 🙂

    1. I’ve never had a caravan either – just know this is what I want to do 🙂

      Already done the Caravan club membership …

      I’ve got an internal windscreen blackout “thingie” or rather will have – do you think an external one is needed as well?

      25 days ’til R day 😀

  2. I think for the winter months it will make a huge difference, we use ours all the time. The windscreen and passenger/driver door windows have very little thermal quality. Do a search on one of the forums. We have silverscreens, another popular make is “Tailormade”

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