British racing green

I considered, and thought I had decided, on a power assisted bike; firstly the Blackn’roll and latterly a Go bike, a foldable PA bike. Having ordered the latter to be delivered at the same time as the Van I relaxed. Then doubt started to creep in … it takes 5 hours to charge the battery from flat. Hmmm, that’s an awful lot of generator time and fuel. An awful lot of time the bike is unusable and I’m stuck by the van waiting …

So now I have “Beauty” – a gorgeous Raleigh classic lady’s bike in splendid British Racing Green complete with a Brooks saddle, 5 gears, dynamo lights, a wicker basket and a Bell. I’d take her for a spin but she might will get wet. It could be a while before her first outing 😦

J came up for K’s 40th weekend just gone (I can’t possibly be the mother of a 40yr old) and I took him and JJ off to Webbs to see the showroom Van. Quite exciting as, due to the floods, we had to be collected from the gates by land rover (I temporarily suspended my hostility to 4WDs) and driven through the puddle to the showroom. All vans having been driven to higher ground we had quite a hunt for the showroom Van! Both boys (35 & 9) thought Van would suit them when they visit. They have to find me first 🙂

JJ was very impressed with his bed and cargo netting!

J inspected for stereo – he has deemed necessary two rear speakers and a flat sub-woofer which will fit in some little nook he found. I apparently need a 2 DIN radio as the dials and buttons are simple (for an old girl was implied but not spoken). He is currently looking for a good deal on the aforementioned for me 🙂

We talked about the sat nav I have had on order and decided against as I probably won’t use it that much. I’ve since discovered that I may be able to get motorhome softwear for my current TomTom. He’s also advised me on how much terabytage I need hard drive wise to keep all the megapixels safe, and I think he’s decided on what phone I need but my brain would only deal with so much tech info in one go!

So many savings for one short weekend as, unusually for me, my decisions have actually favoured my purse. It’s starting to come together …..

3 thoughts on “British racing green

  1. BRG, way to go! With that colour, you can’t go slow… Good decision re: power assisted bike, you’d be eating energy. How exciting it all is! 🙂

  2. What a sound and sure way you have of making your adventure come together for a successful outcome. Looking forward to a future post with a photo of your new bike.

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