I am lucky enough to have been born and live in a geologically ancient and benign area of this planet which suffers few natural disasters; the occasional 2 or 3 on the Richter scale may rattle the odd window, the odd hurricane force wind fell a few trees, the rare drought or extreme temperature bring short lived discomfort. Neither have I suffered the horrors of eruption, tsunami, famine or plague, nor the total devastation (peculiarly wrought by humans) of revolution, greed or tribalism.

Thankfully I have been merely inconvenienced by the “monsoons” of late but, in a relatively minor way, I am reminded  of the power of nature, and that all life clings precariously to the surface of this world. We would each do well to carefully tend and nurture the little area we inhabit … if looking after the pennies looks after the pounds perhaps looking after the backyards looks after the planet.

The flooded ford just outside the village – 8ft 3ins at it’s height.

2 thoughts on “Clichés

    1. Thank you Annie. It’s normally a very small river with the ford usually about 6-9 inches deep, it’s a tributary to the Thames though and the Thames is in full spate so the flood plain is getting filled.

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