Exclamation mark day

As a treat, I have just booked my ticket and train for the camping and caravanning exhibition at the NEC in February. (I definitely deserve it after the past four days of packing, unpacking, cleaning and white van driving that was J’s move!) Looking forward to browsing through all the doodahs and whatsits on the stands, especially looking for a means of keeping my crockery safe, and quiet(!) whilst I’m on the move.

I can’t quite believe that the house sale is finally over – I’m no longer a home owner, no fixed adobe, but most importantly I have the means to pay for the Van! The final obstacle to my travels has been cleared away and today is only 74 days from retirement!

Cheerio Torquay ….

…. but I’ll be back!

3 thoughts on “Exclamation mark day

  1. When traveling I put a paper towel in between each bowl or dish. I installed a non-slip shelving pad on the shelve so no sliding around. All’s quiet and safe on the road.
    Have fun at your exhibition!

    1. Thanks Annie, I was thinking about the non slip mat but hadn’t thought about kitchen towel between. Really helpful suggestion.
      Yes, looking forward to the exhibition, especially as I will be needing to buy stuff!!!

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